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Take A Look At Dino Ignacio’s Wonderful Visualization Of Pixar’s Sacred “22 Rules Of Storytelling”

Simply incredible! 😀


There is no denying that Pixar has brought forth some of the best stories ever to the silver screen.  From Cars, to Toy Story to Up, Brave and my favorite, The Incredibles, Pixar’s storytelling can be poignant, celebratory, evoke fear and be purely magical.


Former Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats tweeted a list of “22 rules of storytelling” that she picked up whilst she was there and when you read them you can see just how Pixar ends up with the movie magic they have been providing us all for the past 27 years.


Now, Dino Ignacio, a Director at a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, has created a series visuals to accompany the 22 rules and we love them.  Dino wisely chose scenes from classic Pixar greats and added the text of each rule over the images.


The end result reminds us just why we…

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