The Master

The Master is an awesome movie. Definitely recommend! 🙂

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The Master is the latest film to reach the heights of pretentious film-making. It’s the story of two men who come together; one is a traumatized war vet, the other the leader of a new-found cult movement. It’s a story about the relationship between these men. It’s a story about a man’s search for meaning in existence. It’s a film about temptation. Or perhaps its just Paul Thomas Anderson blowing smoke.

The Master was not an enjoyable movie to watch. It felt like there were gaps all throughout the narrative, pieced together by some mumbling exposition by the Leads. Now while I appreciate that Anderson didn’t feel like he needed to hold the audiences hand through the story, I still hated the way he chose to do it. There was a cold distance to this movie which not only made it difficult to follow the context, but also made it…

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