veronica mars the movie

surviving on sparkles

Any other Veronica Mars fans out there? I absolutely LoVe this show.


I admit, it took me years to finally start watching it. Wasn’t quite sure it would be my thing. However, once it came on Netflix for a brief time, I watched the entire series in a week. Even found myself singing the theme song while I walked down the street. Told my closest friends they absolutely had to watch. Decided Kristen Bell was my star crush. Let’s just say… I became obsessed.

I could not be more thrilled about today’s announcement on about the new Kickstarter Campaign that Rob Thomas (show creator), Kristen Bell & the guys from the show have started. There’s a great video on the site starring all of our favorites from the series, and a very in-depth explanation about the rewards, (yes, rewards!), fans can get for donating to the cause. Rewards…

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