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Confessions of a Book Hunter Extraordinaire

I’m from the Caribbean. Trinidad to be exact. So, when new books are released, it takes probably a month or two to find its way into our local bookstores. About two weeks ago, I visited my local bookstore to see if they had anything new and this is what I saw;


Normally I’d be through-the-roof happy but I was more upset than happy. I mean, yeah I heard of the book because of the movie, but I made a pledge to always read the book before watching its movie. The only problem is that the books aren’t always available to me when I want to read them. Especially if no one has heard of it! So being the book hunter extraordinaire that I am, I searched high and low across the interweb in hopes of getting a copy of ‘Warm Bodies’. Eventually I found one and read it out in a…

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