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Movie Review: The Perks of Being A Wallflower (DVD)

So Specs, what ARE The Perks of Being A Wallflower? Check out this detailed review! 🙂


Charlie (played by Logan Lerman)  is a high school freshman living on the sidelines of life due to a traumatizing past involving his Aunt Helen and the suicide of his best friend Michael. He wants things to change, but he is extremely shy. Then, he meets two seniors: named Sam (played by Emma Watson) and Patrick (played by Ezra Miller). Together, they show him the ups, downs, and infiniteness of living.

First and foremost, Stephen Chbosky did an excellent job translating his own book into a film as the director and screenwriter. There were certain scenes like the homecoming dance and the tunnel drive that did a good job portraying the friendship  between the characters. Also, the edgy content (i.e. homosexuality, death, and sexual abuse) was handled very well. It was placed in the film in a way that was subtle , honest, and surprising to viewers who have not read the…

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