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Get ready for ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Specs! 😀

Sydney Social 101

The man himself said ‘I’ll be back’ and almost eight years later he is in ‘The Last Stand’. Forget his bit parts in the awful Expendables and the not so great Expendables 2. This time Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in a lead role and of course the all out action hero.

The film is about Ray Owens, played by Arnie, who is a retired LA cop and now the sheriff of a small town near the Mexican boarder. Obviously being such a small town, they dont get to see much action. That is until the leader of a drug cartel Gabreil Cotex, played by Eduardo Noriega, excapes from an FBI convoy and makes his way to Mexico. He is being chased down by the Forest Whitaker and the rest of the FBI. Gabreil has his own small army but unfortunately for them, Arnie is ‘The Last Stand’.

Now I was…

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