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Cut The Crap Movie Reviews

Here we are, folks. My super subjective Top 20 for 2012. All in all, not a bad year for movies. And in case you’re just joining us, here’s how the other 82 fared:

Day 1: #102 – #81
Day 2: #80 – #61
Day 3: #60 – #41
Day 4: #40 – #21

And with that being said, so it goes…

house i live in

20. The House I Live In
As enlightening as it is appalling from both deeply personal and historical standpoints. Further proof that while drugs themselves are badder than bad, our war against them has been far costlier on more levels than I had known. Give it a watch before shooting the messenger on this one.

searching for sugar man

19. Searching for Sugar Man
Wonderful. Just wonderful. Makes you long for the days when there was still mystery to music.


18. Monsieur Lazhar
A subtle, poignant, human story that’s as timeless as it…

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