THE HOBBIT! 48fps Killed It?!

Hey there guys! My name is Arijit Dasgupta and on behalf of the Flocus Team, I will be discussing one of the most BIGGEST buzzes in the Hollywood Film Industry recently. I am sure you all probably have already heard about this film “The Hobbit.” Aside from the lengthy timing this movie brings many other interesting features about it: Whether it’s Sir Ian’s amazing timing and expressions, or the gorgeous lanscapes; the most interesting thing about this film, which did not escape the binoculars of many critics was the new frame rate: 48fps. For those of you who are not really familiar with movies, fps stands for “frames per second” and it’s general concept is to capture a series of “frames” or “pictures” per second. Now the traditional rate (which has ended up becoming the standard for filmmakers in the modern age) is 24fps. Peter Jackson, according to some favourable critics, has changed the game bringin in this new style of cinematic or on-screen movement. While the changes are not drastically notable, personally I feel that the this change will be great as some of the shots in “The Hobbit” are very smooth. What do you guys think?

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