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MTV Roadies

What do you like to watch in your spare time? Jersey Shore, Desperate Housewives, or just an episode of Spongebob? Whatever it might be, we too just about LOVE to watch T.V., and thought we should really give a special shout-out to one of our favorite shows titled ‘MTV Roadies.’  This reality show, is simply unlike any other; contestants get selected based on their originality and go on a journey to different locations around the world every season. The main aim of this game, is to complete tasks and gain what is known as “immunity” which prevents you from being voted out of the show. Seems pretty cool right? Well, were not done yet! At times the contestants even have to play POLITICS to stay in the game!! But the real reason we love Roadies besides the awesomely creative idea, is because it involves challenges in EVERY step. Just to get into the show, you must complete the Battleground, then GD (Group Discussion), and finally the PI (Personal Interview with the 3 judges of the show: Raghu, Rajiv, and Rannvijay). The show has been running for 9 seasons now (which itself is a record), and involves really awesome slogans with each season; the motto for season 9, is EVERYTHING or NOTHING. If you want to see the latest episode and other cool auditions and journey “webisodes” then we suggest you click here.

Flocus Web-Team.


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